Reach Peak Efficiency in the Spacious and Eco-Friendly 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The minivans made by Chrysler have a long-standing reputation for reliability, cargo capacity, and more recently—bringing the comforts of home along for the ride. In the 2017 Pacifica Hybrid, that’s more true than ever before, but with an easy, eco-minded powertrain that helps you save on stops at the pump, and on taxes.

With UConnect Theater and infotainment, and the plush and spacious leather interior, the Pacifica Hybrid’s 566 mile range will seem like a heartbeat. Driving around town—where larger vehicles normally burn more gas—the 33 miles of all-electric range will save you extra. But who says charging has to be a chore? The infotainment system we mentioned before has exclusive functionality for your Pacifica Hybrid to monitor power usage, adjusting and setting a charging schedule, and more. Better yet, regenerative braking helps keep power up when you’re driving, and an available 240-volt Mopar charger enables a two-hour charge time.

The Pacifica Hybrid makes eco-consciousness convenient and accessible for the on-the-go family. To see if this minivan fits into your life, needs, and tastes, take one for a test drive by contacting our Chrysler dealership in Roseburg, OR at your convenience.

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