Optional Air Suspension Makes RAM 1500 Even More Comfortable!

”Wow, this thing rides really nice” is a common refrain among those test driving the RAM 1500, and it’s true. This half-ton pickup isn’t just mighty, but provides excellent performance and comfort on every level. Imagining it more so might involve some suspension of disbelief, but it can be done—with the optional Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system.

The result of this available setup isn’t just a smoother ride, better handling, and overall bolstered performance, but flexibility. This suspension system has adjustable air springs at all four corners, combined with intelligent sensors. By toggling between the five different options on the dash control, a driver can lower the truck chassis for easier access to the truck bed or cabin, or raise it to crest over higher obstacles. When on the road, the sensors come into play, and automatically refine the ride height to reduce drag and bolster gas mileage.

Adding this suspension option kills two birds with one stone by offering comfort and productivity in one. To see how it “holds up,” schedule a test drive with a so-equipped vehicle by dropping our RAM Trucks dealership in Roseburg, OR a line.

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