Temperatures and Your Car Battery Performance

Extreme temperatures can affect your car battery in different ways. With the heat, you can have corrosion due to chemicals being heated up inside of the case. This can lead to battery acid leakage and other issues. Cold temperatures are also an issue for car batteries.

You have experienced a car battery problem if you live in a northern area where frigid temperatures may freeze your battery. This can lead to your car not starting when you want it to as your car battery struggles to give power to the engine.

Batteries can also freeze. However, if you have a new lead-acid battery, it should survive down to -50 degrees Celsius. However, a battery that does not have a full charge may freeze at -1 degree Celsius. You can talk to the service team at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Roseburg located in Roseburg, OR for more information on your battery and get a check to see if you need a replacement.

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