What Exactly is Horsepower?

It all began back in the 18th century when steam engines were invented and were being produced. It was then that the term 'horsepower' originated and really, it was simply a term that was to be used as a way to brag about all of the power that a certain vehicle was producing. We still use this term today at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Roseburg and all over the world as a way to communicate to consumers what kind of power they are getting when they purchase or lease a vehicle.

Horsepower is something that is listed on every specification sheet for every vehicle in the world. Some people like horsepower because it simply makes a car drive faster from point A to point B. Some people utilize horsepower as a way to increase their towing potential. Whatever the desire, we have a wide variety of vehicles on our lot that come with only the most powerful horsepower around.

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