Stay Protected in the Ram 1500

Whatever your line of work, the Ram 1500 can easily enhance it with efficiency and power. Its gas engine choices achieve up to 395 horsepower while carrying up to 1,880 lbs. in payload and towing up to 10,620 lbs. Automatic load leveling comes from the Active-Level™ Four-Corner Air Suspension so you can maintain performance and improve capability.

Advanced technology helps protect you and your passengers. When you brake suddenly on slippery surfaces such as a rain-slicked highway, Four-Wheel Disc Antilock Brakes prevent your wheels from locking up. Even if the weather is bad, you maintain a firm hand on your vehicle with the help of Electronic Stability Control.

You can give both the Ram 1500 the once-over both inside and out by taking it for a test drive. Contact Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Roseburg in Roseburg, OR and make an appointment today.

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