The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection Service Guarantees Car Part Quality

There are few feelings like jumping into a new car for the first time and taking a spin. That said, over time even new vehicles can develop serious problems if not properly tended to. While some vehicles are covered by warranties and even insurance, these measures may not go far enough. The good news is, there is another popular service that can step in and help out when the cards are down. This service is called the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection system, and it has been serving customers throughout North America for over 35 years.

The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service offers several layers of protection to members, and it also supplies many peripheral benefits. It offers two major protection plans, and these include the Added Care Plus plan and the Maximum Care plan. Both plans offer many similar peripheral benefits, but the Added Care Plus plan offers coverage for over 850 components while the Maximum Care plan offers protection for over 5000 parts.

In addition to offering protection for a multitude of vehicle components, the Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection service also gives members access to genuine vehicle replacement parts. Counterfeit or downright poorly designed parts can be a big problem for vehicle owners seeking repairs. With the Chrysler Mopar plan, members can enjoy the safety and security of well-made parts that are tested and installed by licensed and certified maintenance technicians.

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