The new Dodge Challenger is a muscle car that is bound to turn many heads as it screams past. This car is loaded with many hi-tech options to choose from. You won't believe the impressive interior of this muscle car.

The seats of the Dodge Challenger are extremely high-performance. There are many colors to choose from, and they will fit your body's contour and keep you secure while driving. These seats are performance-inspired with accent stitching. You can choose either heated or ventilated.

The Uconnect feature will allow you to start your vehicle, sound your horn, lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone. With SiriusXM Guardian, you can call for roadside assistance, receive alerts when your theft alarm is activated, send destinations to your Navigation system, and use Vehicle Finder to locate your car in a busy parking lot. With all these features, what's stopping you? Come take one for a test drive today.

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