When you see any of the lights on your dashboard come on, it can be cause for panic while you're driving in Roseburg, OR. One light is for tire pressure. Even if it's on, it might not be as significant of an issue as you might think.

After starting your car, the light should go off soon after you start driving. If it doesn't, then you want to check the tire pressure in all of your tires to determine if one or more of them doesn't have enough pressure. Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Roseburg can check the pressure for you if you aren't sure how.

Sometimes, the light might come on while you're driving. If this happens, then it could mean that you have something in your tire that has caused the pressure to go down. Safely get to a parking lot or the side of the road so that you can look at your tires or check the pressure.

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